Hot desking is not just providing tables

4 min readSep 27, 2020

In a post COVID world, many companies have decided to allow more staff to work from home. Google have announced that their employee will work from home until the end of 2020 while Twitter has announced that the employees will work from work forever. This meant that there will be a surplus of office tables and chairs in the office.

Additionally, many companies are also working on an alternate workweek to limit the number of staff working in the office at the same time. This meant that companies will only see a maximum of half filed cubicles in the office at any time.

The surplus of office tables and chairs meant that companies have to relook at how they provide office space for the staff. Many companies are using this situation to test out hot desking. However, companies who did not implement hot-desking prior to Covid19 probably do not know how to implement hot desking. They may not even understand the concepts of how hot desking even works.

Hot desking is not just about offering tables and chairs

Many companies may think that hotdesking meant that staff would be able to work anywhere in the office as long as they are provided with a table. If companies do really offer, there is definitely a high chance that certain staff will probably go back to hog the same desk “aka the boss table” where nobody dare to use.

I went to see how certain companies implement their hotdesking and I am amazed.

Provide different types of desk

Surprisingly, this is not something people knows when doing hot desking. It is not about providing the same types of tables and chairs. Work stations can have different types.

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