Fingerbot by Adaprox Review

4 min readJan 14, 2021

This is my review of Fingerbox by Adaprox. Adaprox fingerbot is a Kickstarter campaign launched in Jan 2020. Fingerbot is a device that is able to make “non-smart” devices smart. This is a tiny device that can help to “press a button” in your house.

I received my product in Dec 2020. About 1 year after it has successfully funded. However, at this point in time, there is already a better product on the market. Unlike Fingerbot, the product has good reviews and can already be delivered.

I have purchased the fingerbot, the bridge as well as the accessory set.


The bridge is used to connect the fingerbot so that you can use it without a smartphone. The bridge also helps to connect to the voice assistant like Google Home or Alexa. I’ve thought that fingerbot connects directly to the bridge but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Each fingerbot and bridge connects directly to the WIFI and I found this out as 1 of my fingerbot seemed to be too far from the router even though they are separated via a thin wall (Not a brick wall). The bridge is also powered via MicroUSB despite being manufactured in the year 2020.

The accessory seemed to be different from kickstarter as it is missing several other items as it is missing a touch screen arm as well as a wall switch arm.

2 small woodblock is also provided so that you can adjust the height accordingly. It’s wood in colour instead of the colour of fingerbot. At least it’s there and there are tapes for you to paste it accordingly.


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