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With the implementation of iOS14, if you have an advertisement in your flutter project for iOS, you will need to implement App Transparency. This will let users decide whether they want to be track or not to be tracked. (*Seriously, who will choose to be tracked)

Fortunately, there is a package for App Transparency

Implementing is not difficult. You can simply follow the example in the package.

Generally, on your main page, you will need to have something similar:

void initState() {
WidgetsBinding.instance.addPostFrameCallback((_) => initPlugin());

Future<void> initPlugin() async {

//if you have any conditions, you can add a if…

The journey was not easy. As a self-learn developer, I have finally developed my first app and published on the app store.

I have published my app on both:

Apple store

Google app store

In my opinion, (CDC for short), is the best entry into the world of crypto. The solution providers actual use case in the real world and touches on some crypto things. Not only can you buy and sell crypto, but you can also use it to pay for real things unlike most of the other crypto exchanges.

Actual real-world use case

CDC has debit cards that allow you to spend that earns rebate in the form of CRO. CRO is a cryptocurrency by CDC and you can easily earn the CRO coin as a rebate. Based on the amount that you stake, you…

I have been doing decent in my crypto investment until I got in touch with the concept of decentralized banking, also know as Defi.

This is the very statement of how money can be printed while you supply people with liquidity. The promise of good returns comes with large risks. Surprisingly, these risk were not worth it as I lost more money than gains.

How Defi works

Defi works by having you deposit money with them. With the money, Defi will start to print tokens. Defi will give you more token to attract you to deposit more money with them. Most of the…

I have been using StashAway since July 2019. Since then, I have added a considerable amount until $8000 and I thought that I would wait to see if this amount would grow to 10k.

During this period, my stash away investment portfolio has seen its up and down and even dip to a loss during covid.

I had a negative $404 during the covid month that happen approximately on 12 Mar 2020.

There is more and more Matic/polygon farm after BSC as money is starting to flow over to Matic. Binance is also under scrutiny around the world and who knows what will happen to BSC if something were to happen to Binance.

This is a guide on how to transfer funds over to Matic network as well as some of the issues that I have faced.

Setting up the Matic network

Before you connect to Matic network, you need to add the RPC address to your wallet.

You can use any of the RPC network:

Sometimes you need to use another RPC network…

Recently, it turns out that I was banned from bybit for using a Singapore phone number.

It was quite sad for me as bybit was 1 of the better platform for me. Even when traffic was heavy, bybit loaded better for me compared to the likes of bybit.

Since then, I have been using instead. Signing up was originally an issue with me as it seemed that Gmail cannot receive the authentication email. I faced lesser issue after switching to outlook instead.

Binance is a very decent platform

No wonder is the favourite platform for many people. It…

GrabInvest has been available since Dec 2020. The idea of this investment seemed interesting to me and I signed immediately.

GrabInvest works by deducting $1 (You can also $5 or $10) per transaction that you made using GrabPay. By accumulating $1 slowly, you will eventually reach a sizable saving plan in the future.

This feels like I am saving into my piggy bank by saving bit by bit, dollar by dollar. I tried $5 but the amount is too large as I find myself topping up my grab account much more frequently.

With the advent of covid, all banks have started to slash their saving interest to a minimum. I used to receive 1.5–2% of the interest from OCBC without much hassle before covid but I’m receiving less than 1% recently. There is a need for me to switch to other platforms. With the inflation rate at 2–3% annually, there is little reason for money to be kept in the bank anymore.

Not only is the interest lower, earning of interest requires me to credit monthly salary, pay bills, monthly spending, investment and insurance to get back the original interest. I used… has launched its own defi staking options where users can stake various crypto and earn interest.

With the launch of CRO mainnet, CDC now have their own blockchain that enables them to do their own Defi, NFT, and even payment. CDC mainnet adopts “proof of stake” and requires validators to secure the network. This means that we can stake our CRO with CDC and earn additional CRO.


Binance launched their own smart chain and BNB went to the moon. CDC launched smart chain and CRO barely increased in value. The original rates starts at 80% apy.

In fact, by…


Just a person in the IT industry, writing whatever he likes about lifestyle and technology.

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